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 Ibiza Preservation has been promoting sustainability in Ibiza and Formentera for the past 10 years. During this time, we have worked with all the environmental stakeholders on these islands. One of the key issues in ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural landscape is the survival of the ‘pagés’…the Ibiza farmer.

Ibiza Preservation has been the driving force behind several land-related projects including:

These projects highlighted a glaring need for more local consumption. Ibiza Produce was born as a result of Ibiza Preservation’s experience with previous land projects and after a year of research into the food industry in Ibiza. The study indicated various bottlenecks in the sector. The overriding theme is that demand for Ibiza products is higher than supply. Ibiza’s farms have the capacity to increase production but will only do so when there is a clear commitment from the hospitality sector. The latter, on the other hand, would like to receive a guarantee of consistently good quality products in consistent volumes. Other issues include the lack of product visibility and access to markets, farming is not deemed as an appealing lifestyle choice with less students enrolling in agricultural studies, various challenges for entrepreneurs setting up a food production business, confusing labelling and lack of clarity as to where to buy and consume authentic Ibiza produce.

We have created this platform to ease some of the aforementioned challenges and to create a communication link between the various stakeholders including hotels, restaurants, farmers, producers, retailers, ngos and local government authorities.

Our ambition is to increase consumption of local products and in so doing, increase the area of cultivated land thereby protecting the island’s landscape.