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The Authentic Flavour of Ibiza

think global, eat local


What we do




Eat Local

The average meal travels 1,200 kilometres from the farm to plate. Food grown closer to home produces fewer transportation emissions, is fresher and supports local farmers.

Local Veggie Boxes

Ibiza is blessed with a diverse range of crops throughout the year. Meal planning can sometimes be burdensome. One of the ways to narrow down the choice is to buy a weekly veggie box which guarantees fresh, wholesome, seasonal produce. To create your own farm-to-table...

The Local Goat

The local Ibiza goat is in danger of extinction, with only around 200 pure breeds on the island. One of the main issues is inbreeding which makes the animals weaker. "To recover the pure breed of Ibizan goat one has to control the males, so that there is no...

Ibiza Produce
Gabrielle Gambina


Address: Ibiza Preservation Foundation
C/ Venda des Poble, 7-1ºB
Santa Gertrudis, 07814 Ibiza, Baleares, Spain