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The Authentic Flavour of Ibiza

think global, eat local


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The Benefits of Local

Guest blog by Acupuncturist and IPF Volunteer Kath Berry on the importance of eating food which is grown locally and in season and diet nutrition from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view.THE BENEFITS OF EATING LOCALLY-GROWN FOOD IN SEASON: AND WHY...

A Local Christmas

How to show extra care for the environment during this season of celebration Gifts Buy Less Opt for locally-made gifts with plastic-free packaging Make your own gifts from natural materials (like wood, stone, paper and plants) Share homemade food Upcycle and gift an...

Eat Local

The average meal travels 1,200 kilometres from the farm to plate. Food grown closer to home produces fewer transportation emissions, is fresher and supports local farmers.

Ibiza Produce
Gabrielle Gambina


Address: Ibiza Preservation Foundation
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Santa Gertrudis, 07814 Ibiza, Baleares, Spain