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With your help, farmers can tend to their land,

grow food for all of us, raise a new generation of farmers

to take care of Ibiza’s landscape, soil and water.

how can you help? 

Buy direct from farmers

Volunteer at a farm 

Spread the word about eating local in your community 

Find out which produce is from Ibiza in your local shop 

Choose restaurants that use local produce

Ask your favourite restaurant to look into procuring local produce

Collaborate with a farm to grow the produce required for your restaurant or cafe  

Provide a production kitchen for local food producers

Your Donation will support the following causes

Directly support our cause

Ibiza Produce is a platform to promote the consumption of local produce and in so doing help local farmers increase production and preserve Ibiza’s landscape. Your donation would enable us to strengthen our communications campaign by carrying out more awareness events, invest in marketing and technology, and create links between farmers, producers, chefs and the consumer. 

Electric delivery vehicle

Eco Feixes, the cooperative of organic farmers, is in need of a refrigerated electric vehicle to deliver produce across the island. This will help them grow their market share, which is currently dominated by produce from the mainland through third party distributors.mainland through third party distributors.mainland through third party distributors.

Fund goat purchase

Ses Cabretes the artisanal goat cheese is made from Ibiza goat milk. The breed is in danger of extinction. Your donation will help Pilar & Fina purchase additional goats to strengthen the local Ibiza goat population and produce more cheese.