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The People who Produce our Food


Visit an Ibiza farm or artisanal market to meet the farmers and producers who bring food to our plates and to buy directly from the source.

Ibiza has a number of conventional and organic farms which strive to produce good quality fruit and vegetables for residents and tourists alike. The pressure on local farmers is immense in the summer season when the island’s population increases ten-fold. We encourage you to support local farmers.

Do you live in Ibiza? Would you like to subscribe to weekly vegetable boxes?

We invite you to check out our list of farms that offer this service as detailed in our blog post

Es Senallo

Eco Feixes

Terra Masia

Buying fresh seasonal produce that has just been picked and has not travelled miles to your table brings you and your family immense health benefits, while also boosting the local economy. If you prefer to pop into a farm shop and choose your own veggies, check out –

Tierra de Ibiza

Can Muson

Can Fontet

House of Herbs Ibiza

The island has a number of wine producers who offer wine tastings and tours of their vineyards.

The producers list on this website covers a range of people living in Ibiza whose passion is providing customers with fresh and artisanal food products, including Peix Nostrum (the local community of fishermen) and Oli d’E (the cooperative of Ibiza olive oil producers).

You can also download a map of Ibiza’s organic farms right here.