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Tea of Life Kombucha

Tea of Life is raw kombucha made by fermenting a delicious blend of organic sweet teas with an ancient probiotic culture, the “mother.” The mother transforms the sugars into healthy organic acids that help digestion, clean the liver and balance the pH of the body. Tea of Life Kombucha is perfect for Ibiza because it offers the best of both worlds. It energizes and relaxes. It stimulates and calms. It fuels the balance we all need to live healthy lives.





Available at most healthy cafes and health food stores, including:

Biorganic Ibiza

Biocash Ibiza

Can Rica Jesus

Meke Coffee Roasters Sta Eulalia

Pollen Sta Eulalia

Online: @ibizadelivers

Online: Green Delivery


Tea of Life Kombucha
+34 622 324 026