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Sustainable Gastronomy Day


Sustainable Gastronomy Day on 18 June is a key date in the Ibiza Produce calendar.

Terms such as sustainable gastronomy or slow food are already part of a growing ‘movement’ worldwide and Ibiza is joining the party. Our main objective at Ibiza Produce is to boost sustainable food production and distribution of local products thus contributing to a local gastronomy of the highest quality from farm to table and with Zero Waste.


A chef’s perspective

More and more chefs, such as Boris Buono from Taller de Tapas, as great connoisseurs and consumers are opting for organic food as they have a great appreciation for the underlying sustainability of the entire production cycle and its significance, not only for those who consume their delicious creations, but also for the local economy.


We need to have a conversation about the price of food and adopt a completely new perspective on how we perceive agriculture

Boris Buono, Taller de Tapas by Ibiza Food Studio


Considering that Ibiza is an iconic tourist destination with a loyal and varied customer base, it is not surprising that sustainable gastronomy is increasingly becoming one more reason to visit the island at any time of the year. One of the pleasures of travelling is to be able to taste not only traditional dishes, but also exciting new creations and food products of the highest quality and flavour, thanks to their sustainable production.


Sustainable food system

But Ibiza is not only about tourism; the island has an indelible tradition in agriculture and in the production of a great variety of vegetables, legumes and fruits. Food was previously grown for own consumption, while today local food production is not sufficient to meet the existing demand. While it is true that farms have the capacity to increase production, it is an arduous task if there are no guarantees of stable demand.


It is important that, on an island like Ibiza that lives from tourism, there is a balance between local producers and professionals in the hospitality sector. If we achieve a close collaboration between the two parties we will not only be providing a quality, local and sustainable product but we will be contributing to the economy of the island, to the conservation of the territory and, eventually, we will position Ibiza as a sustainable tourist destination attracting a quality tourism that understands, values and wants to enjoy the local and environmentally friendly gastronomy.


Local consumption

But there is also another objective that we cannot neglect and that is local consumption. Unfortunately, not all of Ibiza’s residents know about the extent of the fresh fruit and vegetable offer that exists on the island and, in addition, most have the mistaken concept that sustainable product is equal to expensive product. Still, it is gratifying to see more and more people opting for local farm food while others choose sustainable local production as a profession and lifestyle, as well as many young “Ibicencos” who are interested in their roots and traditions and decide to recover the abandoned fields and cultivate them just as their ancestors did for decades.


As the saying goes “every cloud has a silver lining” and the Covid-19 pandemic is a great example of this. This situation has contributed, in a totally organic way, to a large increase in the consumption of sustainable local products by Ibiza’s residents allowing us to showcase much more the existing agricultural projects, the retail shops selling local products as well as the wide variety of establishments in which sustainable gastronomy is the protagonist.


Finally, what can each of us do? For starters, education in schools and at home is one of the main drivers of change. It is also important that we understand that the consumption of packaged products shipped from overseas just like poor food choices do not contribute to a healthy life or a healthy planet. The time has come to Consume Consciously and Responsibly.


Now, let’s eat!