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Restaurants that use Local Produce

Ibiza is home to over 1,600 restaurants, of which only a few are committed to using local Ibiza produce for a variety of reasons. To guide you in supporting restaurants that use some local produce, we ask you to refer to Sabors d’Eivissa website which is managed by the Consell d’Eivissa. Based on a number of criteria, the Consell has listed those restaurants whose menus include at least three dishes with local Ibiza varieties of vegetables, meat or fish. Currently there are no restaurants that are fully km0, that is, sourcing all their ingredients from the island. However, with the increase in new crops being grown by existing and new farmers, the potential for km0 restaurants increases.

We aim to transform our local food system by assisting chefs and restaurateurs to create real and sustainable change in their restaurants starting with the sourcing of ingredients.

If you own a restaurant in Ibiza that uses local produce and would like to be included on the Sabors d’Eivissa website, please Contact us

If you would like to source local produce, please Contact us