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Are you a chef? Would you like to use fresh local produce in your dishes?

The quality of the ingredients is key to a tasty dish. Fresh local seasonal produce has all its nutrients intact and is more flavoursome than produce that was picked a few days earlier and travelled in a refrigerated environment to get to Ibiza. We therefore encourage you to work with local producers which will benefit your customers, the local economy and the environment by reducing carbon emissions. 

You may wish to start a pilot project by committing to purchasing only a few crops from one farm for a season. This would enable you to test the viability of the relationship and the quality of the produce. In order to fulfill your orders, the farmer would need to understand your needs in terms of type of produce, quantities and timing, well in advance. We encourage an open and honest dialogue between chefs and farmers in order to create a harmonious relationship. Ibiza Produce would be happy to connect you to a local farmer.

Seasonal menu planning can be facilitated with the use of a seasonal produce planner. The following diagram can be downloaded as a guide. 

Ibiza Produce by Season

If you own a restaurant that currently uses local produce and would like to be included in the Sabors d’Eivissa website please contact us. 

If you own a restaurant and would like to source locally, please contact us.