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Other Initiatives


Ibiza and Formentera are loved by many beautiful souls who have created organisations with the aim to protect the island’s pristine seas and natural landscapes.

Ibiza Preservation has been working to preserve the islands of Ibiza & Formentera for the past 10 years initiating a range of projects such as:

Alianza por El Agua

Alianza Mar Blava

Plastic Free Ibiza

In terms of the agriculture and food sector, sustainability initiatives from other organisations based in Ibiza include:

Amics de la Terra Eivissa food and agriculture campaign

Cooperativa Integral d’Eivissa, community for sustainable living

Farmers & Co

Food for Ibiza, donating food to people in need

Ibiza Es Wellness

Ibiza Fenix local products branch

La Colmena Que Dice Si, community for direct purchases from producers