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Mozzarella Ibiza

MOZZARELLA IBIZA was created “to satisfy the demand for this handmade, fresh and high quality product in the Pitiusas islands”, says Giuseppe Cortegiano, alma mater of this project. After living three years in Ibiza, Cortegiano realized that on “an island full of Italians” there was no manufacturer of fresh mozzarella to cover the evergrowing demand. The secret of the unmistakable flavor of its mozzarella lies mainly in its raw material: the buffalo milk, which is imported from Naples. Timing is also crucial – the cheese’s life span is limited; from manufacturing to consumption (between one and three days).


Mozzarella cheese

Opening hours

Monday: 9am-2pm & 8pm-midnight
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-2pm & 5pm-midnight