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Mel Salewski

A family passion for bees. With our work as beekeepers, we support the bees to continue their important task of pollination. Biodiversity is essential to life on this planet. We place our bees in the best possible locations, natural spaces and organic farms. We ask you to enjoy the honey, which is a complete and essential food.

We invite you to discover the secret life of bees. Visit our honey farm on the island of Ibiza and discover how crucial honey bees are to nature and to life. Small group tours. All materials are provided (bee-keeper’s suit) so that you can visit safely. Father and son duo Jordi y Jürgen Salewski accompany you on your tour and explain all about the bees. This is followed by honey tasting.




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Calle Pere Francès 19, Ibiza

+34 655 132 344