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Mel Ibiza

Mel Ibiza Cosmetica Natural offers a range of artisanal natural cosmetics and is characterized by its commitment to quality and its respect for the environment. The beauty of the environment has been the source of inspiration to create a line of cosmetics made with vegetable ingredients 100% natural and organic, collaborating with organic permaculture farms, without preservatives or artificial fragrances.

We offer a wide range of products that adapt to the necessities of each skin type, even for the most sensitive ones: soaps, oils, creams, conditioners, among others. The production process, from the beginning to the end, does not produce residues or fumes harmful to the environment, since all the products are handmade.


Soaps, hydrating creams, insect repellent, essential oils


Available at most health food stores including:

Biosmell Ibiza

Savia Ibiza

Herbes i Coses Ibiza

Herbarius San Antonio

Sakura San Antonio

Pachamama San Antonio

Natural Point Sta Eulalia

Antigua Simbolica Sta Eulalia

Polen Sta Eulalia & Sta Gertrudis



+34 600 350 799 / 637 932 507

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