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A farmers market is a great way to connect at a grass roots level & put a face to our food. Farmers markets are the critical component in rebuilding local food economies. By providing a cost-effective, retail sales opportunity for local food producers, farmers markets help make farming profitable. By making farming profitable, we preserve farmland and encourage a new generation to take-up farming.

The island boasts a number of food markets, including the oldest market in Ibiza, Mercat Pages, which today is located off the beaten path in Calle Vicente Serra i Orvay. The Santa Eulalia market and Mercat Nou in Ibiza town are indoor markets while the others are outdoor / seasonal markets. Forada market and San Jose market also feature a number of artisanal producers including products like hierbas, frigola, beer, coffee, kombucha, fermented foods and herbal tinctures.

Mercat de Forada

Opening  hours:
Saturday  10am-4pm

Forada Buscastell
San Antonio

Es Mercat Santa Eularia

Opening  hours:
Monday to Saturday 7am-2pm

Carrer del Sol, s/n
Santa Eulària

Mercat de Sant Josep

Opening  hours:
Saturday  9.30am-1.30pm (summer  only)

Carrer Pere  Escanelles
Sant Josep

Mercat Pagès, Ibiza

Opening  hours: Monday  to Saturday 7am-2pm

Calle Vicente  Serra i Orvay,  16

Mercat Vell, Ibiza

Opening  hours: Monday  to Saturday 7am-2pm

Plaça de la  Constitució

Mercat Nou, Ibiza

Opening  hours: Monday  to Saturday 7am-3pm
Carrer d’Extremadura