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Los Fermentistas

Los Fermentistas are husband and wife team Bex and Jakob who are taking the health conscious side of Ibiza by storm with their amazing gut friendly products. Los Fermentistas are revivalists of the ancient technique of fermentation and advocates of the benefits that go with it. Their range consists of 4 Kimchis, 2 Sauerkrauts and 2 fermented tea drinks, with their ingredients being sourced from local organic farmers where possible. They have more bubble and fizz going on and are pushing the boundaries of the mason jar, to keep the momentum and general interest in fermentation going.

They host a series of workshops on fermentation and how to make your own, collaborate with chefs on the island; making interesting popups where ferments are used in weird and wonderful ways and last but certainly not least, they provide food and drinks at events with that fermented twist.

“This Revolution will not be Pasteurised”, so you can rest assured that their products are alive and teeming with pre and probiotics.


Sauerkraut, Superkraut, Classic Kimchi, Daikon Kimchi, Pumpkin vegan Kimchi, Vegan Kimchi, Kombucha, Jun



Available in most health food stores  including:

Sta Eulalia: Pollen, Natural Point, Can Payes, Bioexpress

Ibiza: Savia

Sta Gertrudis: La Choza

San Juan: Can Curune

San Antoni: Herbarius, Herbolaria Semilla

San Jose: Biopunt

San Jordi: Ecolife

You can try and buy at Forada market and the San Joan market.

Cafes: La Paloma, Can Guimo, Project Social, Hambre, Meke coffee shop

Online: @ibizadelivers

Online: Green Delivery


Bex & Jakob Hronek
+34 638 497 901