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What’s in Season? Here is autumn’s vegetable calendar ( download the calendar here).

Autumn is on its way and just like our wardrobe selection changes with the seasons, so should our diet! Why? Because our bodies need to change throughout the seasons, so, eating a cold salad in winter would be the equivalent of wearing a bikini when the temperatures are cold.

As the Autumn days roll in, we need to eat grounding and nourishing yang foods that are going to balance our hormones, strengthen our immune system and boost our energy.

Over the next few weeks, the harvest at Ibiza’s farms will consist of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash and carrots, together with some of summer’s vegetables that grow into late summer such as aubergine, tomatoes, courgette and peppers. Greens in autumn include kale, celery and leeks. The delicious local figs are available until the end of September, around the time when pomegranates are ripe for picking. Another autumnal favourite is quince, which when cooked, is a great accompaniment for cheese dishes.

When we eat foods that are in season, they’re not only more affordable, but they are also fresher and packed with the highest amount of flavour and nutritional value.

By purchasing local foods in season from local farms, your food ‘euro’ goes directly to farmers, you eliminate environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousands of miles and you’ll enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Plus, local, seasonal produce just tastes better.