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Ibiza Softens Age

ISA wants to enchant a new generation of nature lovers . It has created a cream for people who understand the importance of taking care of their skin and, at the same time, thinking green to look after the land and seas of our world. The new product is created in harmony with nature and personal well-being. It is the latest cosmetic line from Isabel Dumas and is a result of her many years of experience as a beautician studying phytotherapy which is the healing power of plants and herbs on humans.

The Posidonia Oceanica leaves used in this cream have been picked one by one after they have been brought to the shore by sea waves and always with the cooperation and license from the Environmental Department of the Consell Insular and Ibiza Town Hall. After cleaning the Posidonia Oceanica we use three methods to extract all its goodness:

  • hidrolate
  • tincture
  • atomization

These extracts out of this powerful sea plant are merged together with other medicinal plants and result into the perfect anti-aging facial Day cream.


Natural anti-aging facial Day cream