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Ibiza Microgreens

Ibiza Microgreens offer locally grown, nutritious and visually appealing microgreens to the beautiful island of Ibiza. Grown using only organic methods.

At our farm we approach agriculture in an innovative way. By growing vertically, we only need to use square metres rather than acres. Vertical farming is a revolutionary and more sustainable method of agriculture than its counterpart as it lowers the requirement for water and saves considerable space and soil.  We use up to 90% less water than traditional farming. 

Before Ibiza Microgreens all the microgreens on the island were sourced from mainland Spain or all the way from the Netherlands. By offering local production we eliminate nearly all food miles and we don’t need refrigerated trucks for transportation. This equals fresh and long-lasting product with a fraction of the carbon footprint. 

Studies have shown that microgreens are a very high and dense source of nutrition (up to 40 percent higher than its full-grown plant). They have a high level of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Microgreens are also rich in enzymes, which enable them to be more easily digested. It means that you don’t need to eat as much to get your daily nutritional values. Microgreens is a super food and edible art that will satisfy all your senses. This little vegetable will boost colour, enhance flavour and add texture to any dish, while providing a nutritional punch as well. 




using 100 % organic and GMO-free seeds


Bioexpress; Fruiteria Tani Fruit;

Polen; Sa Placa;

The Bliss Factory; Herbolario Pranathy;

Picadeli; Biorganic;

Herbolario Semilla; Herbarius;



Tarah Mirbaha

Casa A’aljub Vei, Poligono 17

07829 San Jose

+46 70 990 12 15