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Forn Can Bufi

Forn Can Bufí was born from the discerning palate of Doña Josefa Ramón, better known as “Pepa”, who as a good Ibizan, has managed to preserve the traditional flavours of the island of Ibiza, always using premium quality products. Forn Can Bufí is a family business whose objective is worldwide recognition of the products of Ibiza, including the flao made with the best cheese on the island and oreietas.


Traditional baked goods – bread, flao, graixonera, orelletes, cocas, empanadas

Opening Hours

There are 9 Can Bufi shops across Ibiza.
Monday to Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm


Head Office:
+34 971 197 035
Forn Can Bufi, C/ Canarias 34, Ibiza
Forn Can Bufi, Avda. Doctor Fleming 37, San Antonio
Forn Can Bufi, C/ San Lorenzo 17, Sta Eulalia