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Ibiza y Formentera Agua de Mar

Ibiza and Formentera Agua de Mar is a family eco enterprise related to the sea, to the values of health and to the protection of the environment. We collect sea water in the sea, in privileged sites for its high stability in the composition of minerals. Sites where sea currents keep the seawater clean and constant salinity, where sea currents are circular type called vortex. Due to its composition, sea water is an excellent nutrient. It has disinfectant properties. Used traditionally as toothpaste and mouthwash, disinfects and treats small wounds and infections. Great nasal and ocular decongestant used in cataplasms and cleanliness of wounds for its great aseptic power, disinfectant and healing. The filtered and sterilized seawater is also a great nutrient that guarantees the quality of life of aquatic beings and makes it ideal for use in aquaria.


Filtered and sterilised sea water – for cooking fish, drinking, disinfectant, acquaria,


Sa Tenda – Sea Energy, San Rafel
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am-8pm
Sea Energy Therapeutic Centre, Ibiza


Av. San José de sa Talaia 28, Ibiza

+34 650 905 806